About The Author

Abhishek Sengupta is imaginary. Mostly, people would want to believe that he writes fiction & poetry which borders on Surrealism and Magical Realism, and is stuck inside a window in Kolkata, India, but he knows none of it is true. He doesn’t exist. Only his imaginary writing does, and have appeared or are forthcoming in Outlook Springs, Thrice Fiction, 99 Pine Street, Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal, and others.

He is known to be working on his forthcoming novel, Ten Times Awake, which among other things, deals with The Ministry of Vivification.

But trust him when he says – everything you’re reading about him is your active imagination. Chances are, you’ve just made him up, and this page where you think you’re reading about him resides inside your mind. Have no doubts. None of it really exists, including this last sentence, you still think you are reading.

Click Here to read a selection of his imaginary writings, published.

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